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the best thing for the water tribe would've been sokka

  • hirroooo: i wish sokka wasnt dead
  • hirroooo: hed fix this
  • hirroooo: bullshit
  • hirroooo: ugh
  • kawaikunaii: damn
  • hirroooo: he would literally sit everyone down, call them each idiots individualy, and explain in lamens terms how and why they are all idiots
  • hirroooo: and then everyone would feel bad and humiliated for acting like fucking children
  • hirroooo: and shape the fuck up
  • hirroooo: the end, thats the end of avatar

why Korra has already flat-lined for me

  • hiiroooo: omg korra is so easily manipulated tho
  • hirroooo: no intuitive bone in her body
  • Eunice Corpuz: whoopsies
  • hirroooo: shes also terrible at relationships xD
  • hirroooo: no common sense either
  • hirroooo: damn
  • hirroooo: gurl
  • Eunice Corpuz: oops so flawed
  • hirroooo: wow really upset how they dumbed down Bolin though
  • hirroooo: oops
  • Eunice Corpuz: IM GONNA CRY
  • hirroooo: but like,if i think about it
  • hirroooo: everybody in this world is dumbed down
  • hirroooo: i wish they kept more of the intellegence from the first show
  • hirroooo: like
  • hirroooo: 16 year olds had better relationships than the ones in korra
  • hirroooo: and there was way more values
  • hirroooo: like
  • hirroooo: i get theyre trying to reflect our generation but its not like.. fun or emerssive at all
  • Eunice Corpuz: whoops
  • hirroooo: yeah kind of dumb, i dont think they have the skill to pull this off, as writers
  • hirroooo: like
  • hirroooo: sokka was comic relief
  • hirroooo: but he also had a purpose and an identity and something that drove him towards his goals
  • hirroooo: like bolin doesnt have any substance like that
  • hirroooo: same with korra, like she is all brawn no brains
  • hirroooo: but no subtance
  • hirroooo: like, we dont understand what drives her or what her goals are or anything like that
  • hirroooo: we know she likes to talk back and fight everything
  • hirroooo: like
  • hirroooo: no
  • hirroooo: thats not a balanced character at all
  • hirroooo: like, at least mako and asami have basic goals
  • hirroooo: we understand what drives them
  • hirroooo: we get their purpose
  • hirroooo: sigh
  • hirroooo: like literally in atla there was never a useless character
  • hirroooo: but at least they were funny
  • Eunice Corpuz: lord
  • hirroooo: like, the little girl who had a crush on aang, and the leader of the town who wanted to boil aang in hot oil, or the fire nation guard who let the gaang through in the tunnels
  • hirroooo: like
  • hirroooo: i could name more
  • hirroooo: and they had more substance than most of these main characters

Here’s the problem with Korra:



The best developed and most interesting characters are not the main Krew. Korra has a story, has depth, but it’s being stifled with the writing. Mako could have been a fantastic character, except his character purpose has been written up as “love interest” instead of interesting character who is also a love interest. Why? He has a great story! His parents were killed by a firebender when he was 8 years old, and he himself is a firebender. He’s been struggling to raise his younger brother on the streets, worked with gangs, and is a probender. He’s done a lot of morally ambiguous things before, so why is this not featuring in the storyline? He started dating Asami because they had something in common - probending - and they could talk together about it. Where is that? Where is the implication that his girlfriend no longer has a home or money - or dealing with her losing her own mother, and now father? Bolin is not like Sokka - he has not had moments of brilliance or development or anything really, other than comedic relief. Bolin had to deal with much of what Mako did, but when he tries to do something, it gets shown as “Silly Bolin!”

Poor Asami! Asami, who is shafted most of all. Here’s a smart, pretty, well trained martial artist who loves to race cars. She’s wealthy, but she understands not everyone is because she didn’t start off that way. She lost her mother to a bender, and yet she still finds it within herself to be a big fan of bending as a sport, to date a firebender. Even Katara had more rage about this - and can we guess Asami started to learn to defend herself after her mother died? She starts dating a boy who likes her, who shares something in common with her, and he spends his time flirting (and kissing!) another girl. How awkward and terrible - because it’s obvious Asami wants to be friends with Korra, and wants to get along with her. But her boyfriend is a jerk, everyone assumes she’s evil because she’s pretty, and her jealousy as framed as intervening and irrationaleven though her boyfriend kissed another girl and continues to flirt with her.

I have nothing wrong with shipping, or even these love triangles themselves, what I find wrong is the way the characters are being handled to portray them. It sucks.

And then suddenly Amon becomes the most interesting, most compelling character, and you realize the best characters are all adults - Amon, Tarlok, Lin - what a disappointment. Hire some writers guys.

I really feel like in hindsight, all of the episodes being done by one writing team was probably a mistake. I really feel like under someone else, the Krew could have popped more.

I’m upset because while I agree to an extent, this show was only meant to be 12 episodes long! If they weren’t approved for a second season this would be a pretty intense stand alone piece. I think alot of people are used to the original avatar series, where there was actually time to go into every little detail while taking breaks inbetween. But there was literally no time for that! I don’t understand how people can constantly bash on this show knowing all these things. I don’t understand how fans of TLA are having trouble connecting to these characters. When you have a series of this size the writers can’t do everything for you! When you have a series of this size originally aimed towards CHILDREN the writers expect the older audience to think for themselves and use their adult experiences to see the depth LOK has. 

There really is no need to simplify these characters. The creators have given us everything they can information wise about their creations, so why is everyone disregarding it? Bolin is NOT Sokka, just as much as Mako isn’t Zuko. But he’s not just comedic relief either. What we see as comedic relief on the surface is actually a coping technique? BOLIN HIDES HIS FEELINGS GUYS, WHERE ARE THE LONG DRAWN OUT OPINIONS ABOUT THAT? Asami FINALLY got some damn depth in her character, EVERYTHING GETS TAKEN AWAY FROM HER WHERE’S THAT OPINION? Don’t get me started about Mako, he is LITERALLY A MOTHER HEN! HE PULLS EVERYONE INTO HIS NURTURING ORBIT ONE WAY OR ANOTHER HAVEN’T YOU NOTICED?

Dammit these are TEENAGERS for goodness sake. Teenagers on the verge of adulthood after being forced to take on adult responsibilities their entire lives. Of course they’re gonna be like this. You aren’t SUPPOSED to like the way they handle things. Of course the adult characters are going to be more interesting, they’ve got it together. They know themselves.  I just…. golly.

Yes I think the pacing was something you had to get used to in this show, DEFINITELY, yes I think the writing sort of clogs the potential character interaction/development but it’s not the characters fault. The characters are written beautifully and true to their nature and real.

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“Legend of Korra should come on everyday…. for an hour each…with no commercials…”

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Mako vs. Korra: The Jerkbender Off





In the end, I think they both act like asshats and to blame Mako for all his moments of immaturity and not to blame/remember Korra’s own is ridiculous. 

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 Mako: Pro-Bending might only be a game to you, but think of what it means to the city! Right now, the arena is the one place where benders and nonbenders can gather together…i-in peace…and watch…benders—

Bolin: Beat each other up! In peace! It’s an inspiration to everyone!

So watching this line got me to think: what would Mako and Bolin do without Pro-Bending? The arena is their home (which will make the next episodes, where the arena has been basically destroyed, interesting because where will the brothers stay?) and their apartment and the money they make from matches keep them off of the streets.

There’s a lot more at stake for the brothers, probably even more so in Mako’s eyes, than losing a place for benders and nonbenders to gather in peace if the arena was closed. They’re losing their lifeline, essentially.

While their apartment would still be intact, how the hell would they pay for it? We’ve seen Butakka practically extort the brothers’ income from matches, showing that they hardly got by with the money they made from Pro-Bending. But without it, here would they be? We’ve also been told that the work Mako did at the power plant is a grueling job that pays little, so how many more jobs would Mako have to do to keep him and Bolin off of the streets? Would he have been able to pay rent? There’s a good chance that they wouldn’t be able to make ends meet.

And yeah, they needed the 30,000 yuans for the tournament, and got that from the Satos, but I doubt Mako would ever ask Asami for more favors regarding money? Mako isn’t dating Asami for her money, as far as we can tell. And it’s in Mako’s nature, as far as I can tell, to worry about himself and his brother, and not expect things from others. If he wants to keep himself off of the streets, he’s got to put in the work, not rely on someone. And Mako’s life has revolved around Pro-Bending to make a living, and if that was taken out from under him, he wouldn’t know what to do, exactly.

So here’s Mako, in all sincerity, trying to convince Tarrlok to keep the arena open so he can play in the tournament and future matches, for a “bender/nonbender peaceful gathering,” sure, but also because Pro-Bending is his life and what keeps him and Bolin clothed, fed, and sheltered.

And then Bolin speaks, in his usual goofy manner, which makes me think that he still doesn’t quite grasp the blow the loss of Pro-Bending would do to the boys like Mako does.

And then, of course, the arena is basically destroyed at the end of the episode. So it’s probably bringing the big question of “what the hell are we going to do now?” to the brothers, especially Mako.

I just have a lot of feelings about these brothers, okay.

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Various character designs sketches for Triad members - the Triads are bending gangs that have infiltrated the streets of Republic City.

WAIT A SECOND! Is that…. is that the orange and yellow guy who’s in every episode??? HE’S TRIAD???? hot dayum


Various character designs sketches for Triad members - the Triads are bending gangs that have infiltrated the streets of Republic City.


WAIT A SECOND! Is that…. is that the orange and yellow guy who’s in every episode??? HE’S TRIAD???? hot dayum



BE FOREWARNED - Discussion includes Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Promise (Part One),’s “Welcome To Republic City” and Chapters 1-5 of The Legend of Korra.

Recap hosted by Devindra Hardawar of the /Filmcast and Da7e and Matt Patches of Operation Kino.


VERY good points made in this podcast for ep 5! It’s refreshing to hear viewpoints that aren’t from spazzing shippers…..

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